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Marina Dorian, Ph.D.

Alba Nino, Ph.D.

Wednesday 5/18/2016, 4-7pm


TITLE: Understanding the role of mindfulness in reducing book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung ohne registrierung.


The recent publicized deaths of unarmed black men by predominantly white police officers have led us to best no deposit bonus slots what role racism or unconscious racial bias may have played in the decisions made to shoot or take down these men resulting in tragedy. Research has shown Caucasians to have unconscious bias in associating African American faces with negative words using the Implicit Association Task. Implicit bias has also been found in other high stakes decision making situations such as medical treatment and jury decisions. Can we train individuals to override these hidden biases or to minimize their effects? Recent studies have suggested that yes we can minimize implicit bias through mindfulness training. Mindfulness, or present moment awareness, has been shown to interrupt the link between past experience and impulsive responding. While mindfulness is related to lowered implicit racial bias, it is uncertain how this translates into accuracy in decision making in high stakes situations. A relationship between mindfulness, implicit bias and signal detection accuracy will be proposed and the real world applications will be discussed. 


  1. Participants will learn and identify what is implicit racial bias and the role it plays in decision making
  2. Participants will learn and practice specific mindfulness skills.
  3. Participants will understand the role mindfulness can play in reducing implicit bias.

TITLE: Connecting across difference: strategies used by foreign therapist in the US


The presentation is based on the results of my dissertation. In the presentation, I explain the main roadblocks that foreign born therapist in the US found when trying to establish therapeutic relationships with their clients, and the strategies that they used to overcome those obstacles. The beauty of the presentation is that these strategies can be useful to other therapists who would like to establish therapeutic relationships with clients from different backgrounds.


The goals of the presentation are:

  1. Participants will learn specific strategies to connect cross-culturally
  2. Participants will assess the applicability of these strategies to their clinical work
  3. Participants will increase their knowledge of the clinical experiences of foreign born therapists in the U.S. 



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